45t6yhrter4tPutting up an outstanding performance in a fantastic game of golf doesn’t only rely on your inherent athletic abilities when playing against other equally talented golfers. Without a golf rangefinder, for instance, even the best players in the game can’t speed up their play while keeping their level of accuracies above par. Rangefinders boost confidence and elevate your ability to make decisions like a professional golfer with years of experience even if you’re a first timer on a golf course. However, not every rangefinder gives you straight drives and meticulous wins against your golf buddies. It’s subsequently significant to know about the features that make popular golf rangefinders impressive gadgets that you should always have on the pitch.

Features of top golf rangefinders

Accuracy features

Many of the top selling golf rangefinders have high magnification abilities. A rangefinder with X7 magnification power puts your accuracy level at .1 yards level when playing inside 125 yards. These popular golf rangefinders are also useful when the only move that’s standing between you and a win against other golfers is a 40-yard toss shot. With the help of this device, you will also be able to shoot the flag from a range of 55 yards besides enabling you to pick better targets irrespective of undulations of the green vegetative cover and the slopes on the pitch. Rangefinders with high magnification power lower your anxiety whenever you’re required to take long shots, making them your ultimate confidence companion on a golf course.

Display features

Popular golf rangefinders are also known for their vivid display. It’s, therefore, possible to gauge the quality of rangefinder device by looking at its ability to project close and distant objects, as they are, in the field. Many state-of-the-art rangefinders enable you to make display adjustments between BRT 1 and BRT 4. They subsequently give you an upper edge against your opponents who may be affected by either dim or bright lights, depending on the time of the day or the position of the sun.

Other features

4r5trhgfbdreDon’t go for a heavy golf rangefinder as they are likely to reduce your dexterity on the golf course. Convenient golf range finding devices often weigh less than 12 ounces. Remember to look at the battery life factor. Rangefinders with CR- 23-volt lithium batteries can, for example, take you through over 40 rounds of quality golfing. You can subsequently charge the battery once a year, eliminating the possible disappointments which may arise as a result of little or no battery life.

Get a golf rangefinder that you can play with in any weather. Other than being rainproof, the rangefinders can as well be laser enabled. Laser technology allows you to improve your accuracy. Sophisticated rangefinders also come with distance measurement technology which relies on its GPS capabilities to help you make amazing shots on target. Note that it’s important to obtain a popular golf rangefinder with user-friendly features since you get more from the device if you can navigate through the features that step up its functionalities with ease. Ensure that the instrument is genuine by obtaining it from a reputable online or brick and mortar store.