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Practical Lessons In Lone Worker Protection – Simplicity Is the Way


There is a lot of significance within the authorities as to what steps can be undertaken to enhance the safety of a lone worker staff. Fortunately, with a worker safety app you can track their safety while in the field. Various reports point to the necessity for training. This is needed to avoid risk and confrontation. Technology also needs to be quite simple to use during the crisis. You should note that GPS tracking is very important in making vital information available in the event of a crisis. Moreover, this requires minimal intervention from the lone worker.

The majority of lone workers are mobile workers that cahbvr2r5ta6te24da5t6262rry out a broad range of jobs. Moreover, they are needed to work alone. These include social workers, housing officers, personal care staff, building control officers, environmental health officers, refuse workers, plumbers, joiners, gardeners, and many more.

The activities of social workers carry out challenging tasks such as talking to stressed people and other challenging tasks like removing children from dangerous homes. Environmental health officers also in most cases work during odd hours.

Risks facing lone workers

Working during odd hours

Usually, these people work around the clock even at night. For instance, if environmental health officers find a restaurant with poor hygiene standards, they will need to close it down. In such a case, a business is going to lose money. This may lead to abuse and aggressive behavior. On the other hand, social workers have to take kids from their homes. In most cases, this is a highly emotional and intense experience for children, parents, and social workers.


Some of the reported cases include lone workers being subjected to abuse. There are also cases of mistaken identity, sexual harassment, and even attacks. In the past, various companies have put up some measures that have been successful while others have been irrelevant.

Adopting technology

It is advisbv2r5st6y2era4rt2ya6able to adopt the appropriate technology like using lone worker safety apps to help staff in vulnerable situations. For this to be successful, simplicity is key. Use of mobile apps has been received well by different stakeholders.

Training on the utilization of these safety tools is very important. The staff must how ways to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Moreover, they need to know different coping methods and minimize risks. These apps are designed to alert the support staff when there is no response.