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Which is the Best Material for Phone Cases?


There are many different types of phone cases available in the market today, and all of them are made of different materials. While some people opt for the feel of grippy textures such as thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU), others prefer polished matte or a marble iphone case for the unique look. Other used materials include plastic, PU leather, silicone, rubber, etc.

Users have their preferences, and while many make their choice based on appearance, it is also good to think about the ease of use, the phone’s safety, durability and other extra features. This leads to the question “which is the best material for phone cases?” This depends on what the user is looking for in a case.

Materials used for the making of cell phone cases


Plastic is among the most commonly used, durable and inexpensive material for cell phone cases. Besides protecting the case from bumps, scratches, and chips, plastic also adds personality and style to the phone. Plastic phone cases comes in several varieties including polycarbonate which is the most popular, polypropylene and polyurethane which is the most versatile.


  • More affordable compared to the rest
  • Easy to hold
  • Can have added features like kickstands and blings
  • Some are dust and waterproof


  • Might come with a strange smell
  • Not sustainable
  • Some can have cushioning material that does not protect the phone well enough


This as a material made from a mixture of silicon and petroleum products. Some people find this material safer than plastic.


  • Quite affordable
  •  Comes in a variety of styles and color
  • Easy to grip and hold


  • May appear cheap and unattractive
  • Not easy to clean.

Carbon fiber as the best material for phone cases

This is a relatively new material whose uses include the making of bicycles, cars, cell phone cases, etc.


  • It is very strong
  •  Attractive
  • It is light in weight


  • Expensive compared to plastic
  • Does not come in a variety of patterns or colors

Leather and synthetic leather

These types of cases are most common with flip phones. Smartphone cases can also, however, be made of them. Here is why they are considered the best material for phone cases:


  • They never go out of style, and they look great
  • Feels great in the hands
  • Easy to grip and hold


  • They are more expensive
  • When the phone falls, the materials do not protect it from breaking well enough
  • Challenging to tell real from fake